Sunday, August 18, 2013


One of Europe's most underrated cities.  Lake Lucerne is a beautiful place with scenic views, lovely landscapes and courteous people.  I was fortunate to have visited Lake Lucerne during Lucernerfest, a celebration that goes on each year in late June.  The day was filled with festive marches, bands playing on 6-8 different stages, an airshow over the lake, and I fireworks show at night.  I recommend visiting Lake Lucerne during this time if possible. 
When I was planning my European trip, I was more focused on cities like Rome, Paris and London.  Little did I know that the city that would stay in my heart forever would be a place I never even heard off.  Lake Lucerne, Switzerland!!

If you want to see some video and more pictures from this wonderful place, take a look at this video:
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